T2R is located on the Four Oaks Ranch in Bosque County, TX, just 82 miles from Dallas and 60 miles from Ft. Worth. 


•    Riders must be at least 18 years of age or be accompanied by an adult.
•    All park visitors must sign a “Release of Liability” waiver upon entry; children under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Riders must wear appropriate riding gear when on the trails including:

•    Shirt
•    Helmet
•    Eye Protection
•    Boots that cover the ankles
•    All park visitors not camping on the grounds of the facility must leave the park by   closing time. (6:00 PM CST or 7:00 CDT)
•    Illegal drugs are prohibited in the park.
•    Alcohol may not be consumed before or during riding activities.
•    Littering is prohibited; please bag trash and dispose of properly.
•    Smoking is prohibited in park except at campsites.
•    Please be courteous to other riders and campers and respectful to park staff.
•    By choosing to enter T2R park, all individuals have given permission to be photographed
    by the T2R, LLC for any purpose.


•    Be courteous to other riders and park staff at all times.
•    Traffic flow on the trail moves in one direction; do not ride against the flow of traffic.
•    Stay on or beside a trail or ranch road; do not cut across a field or pasture
•    Observe signage and mileage numbers on the trail. When calling for help, be ready to give
    staff the nearest number, so rider can be easily located.
•    Green trails and bypasses are in place for the safety of our riders. Do not roll a jump in the
    jump lane.
•    Treat fences with respect.


•    Eyes on your rider! A parent or guardian must be on site when peewee rider is on the trail.
•    Use the center of the trail to observe peewee riders; peewee riders may leave on that road if necessary.
•    Peewee riders may ride the Big Trail but must check in at office first


•    Bikes must be ready to ride. Before you enter the park, make sure:
•    You can start/stop your dirt bike
•    Your tires have proper air pressure
•    Your fluids are at appropriate levels
•    Make sure your muffler is in good working condition to avoid noise complaints. T2R allows all stock mufflers in good condition, as well as quiet performance mufflers. Our sound limit is 96 db. If we suspect your bike is louder, we will test sound and require you to change your level to 96db. Peewee bikes are 50 & 65 cc, 2 stroke and 70, 80, 90, 110 cc, 4 stroke. 
•    Beginners are welcome on the peewee trail regardless of age. 
•    Mini-riders – 85-100-105 cc, 2 stroke and 150 cc, 4 stroke are welcome to ride on the Big Bike Trail.